1608a1 U5900 U1300 Tristar (U2) Charging IC for Iphone 5 | Ipad mini


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1608a1 U2 U5900 U1300 Tristar Charging IC

Replacement for U2 on IPhone 5, U5900 on IPad 4, U1300 on IPad mini

Brand new, complete with spheres and ready to install, use correct profile to prevent thermal shock, fractures or popcorn effect.

Important this component requires microscope and fine soldering tools including hot air or IR station to install. WARNING. Please do not attempt this repair unless confident/experience the Tristar is much more difficult to replace on IPhone 5 due to proximity to CPU and is totally under-filled which needs to be carefully removed before installing new Tristar.

This part is not compatible with 1610a